Department of Opthalmology             Doctoral Degree in Ophthalmology – 1991

Escola Paulista de Medicina

São Paulo, Brazil


Department of Ophthalmology           Master Degree in Ophthalmology – 1988

Escola Paulista de Medicina, Brazil


University of Puerto Rico,                  Basic Sciences Course of Ophthalmology

San Juan, Puerto Rico                         January 1986 – April 1986


Escola Paulista de Medicina               Ophthalmology Residency, 1984 – 1986

São Paulo, Brazil


Escola Paulista de Medicina               1978-1983

São Paulo, Brazil                                 Degree: MD, December 1983



Moorfields Eye Hospital                     Fellowship in Uveitis, 1992 – 1995

City Road, London


MoorfieldsEyeHospital                     Fellowship in External Eye Diseases,

1991 – 1992


Francis I. Proctor Foundation for       Fellowship in ocular inflammatory diseases,

Research in Ophthalmology                1988 – 1990

University of California

San Francisco

Escola Paulista de Medicina               Fellowship in Uveitis and External Diseases,

Sao Paulo, Brazil                                 May 1986 – June 1988



Regional Council of Medicine – São Paulo, Brazil

Brazilian Council of Ophthalmology

General Medical Council – UK

Ordem dos Medicos – Portugal