I am attached to the University of Ain Shams, Cairo, since my graduation till now.
•    I had my graduation in the year of 1979, then resident till I got my Master degree in ophthalmology in year 1983.
•    I had my MD and Doctoral degree in the year 1988 and I had  a full Professor degree in the year 1999 till now.

•    I practice in the university hospital, but I have as well a single private practice.
•    I am only a phaco-refractive surgeon. Moderate volume, more than 700 phaco cases/year and   1200 refractive cases, mostly LASIK/year.
•    Special interest in the premium IOL.

•    I had 19 papers published in the local journals.
•    I gave  27 presentation in the field of phaco and IOLs  in our local meetings.
•    I had supervised  and discussed  34 Master essays and 18 Doctoral thesis.
•    I chaired 6 skill transfer courses and  5 wet lab. Courses in theuniversity.
•    I am a member of the Egyptian society of ocular implants [ESOIRs] and the Egyptian society of cataract and refractive surgery [EgSCRS].
•    I am a member of  MEACO, giving regular lectures in every meeting.
•    Since 2001,  I perform live phaco surgeries yearly, , and  moderate  symposia that covers  phaco surgery or intraocular implants in these local meetings.
•    I am a member of the AAO and the ASCRS with regular attendance since  1995.

Special interests:
•    Computer work, I created a soft ware for ophthalmic examination that was the first in Egypt since 1990 and was pivotal for all other  soft wares  created since then.
•    I  also created a soft ware for documenting and auditing phaco surgeries