Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Messina in 1977.

Specialization in Ophthalmology at the Scientific Hospital S. Raffaele in Milan in 1985.

From May 1979 upto October 1992 – Assistant Surgical Department

From October 1992 upto December 1993 – Assistant Director

From December 1993 upto June 1998 – Director Social Ophthalmic Centre of Civil Hospital in Paola-Cetraro

From July 1998 upto December 2000 – Coordinator, and later Director, Ophthalmic Operative Centre in Paola-Cetraro

From January 2001 upto today – Director Ophthalmic Operating Centre at BMM Hospital in Reggio Calabria

From June 2003 upto today – Director III Surgery Department at BMM Hospital in Reggio Calabria

From January 2015 upto today – Adjunt Professor of Srugical Retina at Istituto scientifico San Raffaele, Ophthalmic Clinic, Milan, Italy.

From January 2015 upto today. Global Executive Director at ESASO – European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology. Lugano, Switzerland.

Professional Trainings:

  • 1988-1989 Ophthalmic Division S.Martino Hospital in Genova
  • 1995-1996 Foundation for Ophthalmology G.B. Bietti in Rome
  • 1996 Saint Eriks Hostipal in Stockholm, Sweden

Practical Trainings:

  • 1980 University Eye Clinic Hospital J. Gonin in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • 1984 University Eye Clinic Hospital Creteil in Paris, France
  • 2002 & 2003 Zivojnovic Foundation Middelheim Hospital Department of Ophthalmology, Antwerp, Belgium
  • 2005 Harvard University Eye Hospital in Boston, USA
  • 2005 & 2006 Istituto di Microchirurgia, I.M.O. in Barcelona, Spain
  • 2007 William Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

Has carried out professionally approximately 12000 eye-operations.

Member of the most important Italian and foreign Societies in Ophthalmology

Has organised 10 International Congresses of Ophthalmology, amongst which :

  • 2004 GIVRE 2004 Gruppo Italiano di Chirurgia Vitreo-Retinica


  • February 2003 Anassilaos Prize
  • July 2003 B. Donato Prize
  • August 2003 National AVIS Prize
  • September 2003 National IARVO Prize