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Basic phaco course 4 – available from April 4th on-demand on eLOS

Basic phaco course 4

From April 2022, on-demand on eLOS


Course Description

This course covers the following topics:

This course is intended to advise learners on managing problems that may occur during phacoemulsification surgery. Especially when the nucleus and/or neighbouring anatomical structures present unexpected problems. This includes:

  • Trouble making the chop and removing the pieces.
  • Posterior capsular rupture while nucleus is still present.
  • Dropping nucleus
  • Advanced methods to remove the nucleus and fragments from vitreous body
  • How to convert a planned phaco procedure to ECCE.
    – Rationale for conversion and risk assessment
  • Endophthalmitis prophylaxis
    – Use of pre-operative antibiotic dropso   ESCRS guidelines.
    – Biological tests to evaluate qualitative and quantitative microbial load, and related treatments
  • Managing long term post-surgery inflammation and infection

Programme: HERE

  1. Managing unexpected problems with the Nucleus
    • Dropping Nucleus
    • Conversion to ECCE
  2. Endophthalmitis Prophylaxis and Treatment
  3. Post Cataract Surgery Inflammation

Information: Click Here

CME: An application has been made to the EACCME® for CME accreditation of this event.


October 1, 2021

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