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ESASO Fellowship Programme: The First 10 Years

ESASO Fellowship Programme: The First 10 Years

It has been 10 years since the ESASO Fellowship Programme was inaugurated. The programme’s
main goal was to offer talented young ophthalmologists the opportunity to specialize in a chosen
field, refining and further developing their skills in internationally recognized ophthalmologic
centres under the tuition of renowned experts.
The ESASO Fellowship Programme has enjoyed the constant support of Novartis, a pharmaceutical
company to whom the ESASO staff are extremely grateful.
Overall, 15 Ophthalmologists completed their Fellowship, with highly satisfactory results. All our
Fellows have gone on to become successful ophthalmologists in their own right and this is highly
gratifying for the ESASO staff.
We continue to press on with our work, confident in the quality of the Program.

Prof Stanley Chang,
Chief of the ESASO Fellowship Committee

Prof Maurizio Battaglia Parodi,
Secretary of ESASO Fellowship Program