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DENISIUK Olga, Ukraine


My name is Olga Denisiuk, I work at the Department of Ophthalmology at P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, in Kiev, Ukraine. I heard about ESASO from my colleagues a couple of years ago, and only got an opportunity to participate in Medical Retina module this year. It was an amazing experience, to not only to meet different doctors from all over the world, but also to expand and deepen knowledge and widen my professional field with world known professors. The organization and the speakers made sure to make an interesting conversation during the module courses, which gave a chance to get hand on hand experience. It is a great opportunity to be able to collaborate and share our experience and ideas with doctors and professors from all over the world. Big thanks to ESASO for making such an educational program, that not only is able to teach, but also bring together doctors from all over the world, and makes it possible to exchange ideas and work to bring ophthalmological community to a different level.

POLAT Evrim, Turkey


My name is Evrim Polat. I am working in a public hospital in Turkey. I have participated in Basic Surgical Retina module in Lugano (March 2018). I have heard about ESASO from my colleagues. This course provided a broad point of view about surgical retina and clarified my mind about surgical approach. I also had a chance to experience different brands of surgical devices in wet lab. I realized their major specifities and disparities, which were not so clear for me before. Besides, it was fantastic to meet colleagues from other countries and to have an idea of medical practice in these countries.

DEREVYAGIN Dmytro, Ukraine


My name is Dmytro, I am an ophthalmologist from Lviv, Ukraine. I found the information about ESASO some years ago in the internet, but only now I`ve got the opportunity to attend it. I have visited Lugano for Basic Surgical Retina Module and I was really impressed by its organization. Speakers presented for us interesting topics with discussions in friendly atmosphere. Practical part consisted of wet lab and dry lab and was also very useful for surgical skills training. I hope to attend another modules ESASO in future, because they are really good source of new knowledge.

KALAYDZHIEV Atanas, Bulgaria


My name is Atanas Kalaydzhiev, I am 52 years old and from Bulgaria. I am working at the Eye Department of the Military Medical Academy in Sofia. I heard about the ESASO courses for the first time at an international congress 8 years ago. This year I was happy to attend the surgical retina module. The course was very helpful in understanding the basic principles of retinal surgery. The beautiful city of Lugano has a very comfortable and functional medical campus, with a friendly staff. The speakers presented very well, with a high level of knowledge, which was conveyed in an easy to understand manner. It was nice to meet colleagues and friends from other countries, share our experiences, exchange ideas and inspire each other. I am very thankful to ESASO and I strongly recommend attending their modules and activities. They offer one of the best wet lab training experiences in eye surgery.

Apoorva AYACHIT, India


It was a great privilege to attend the ESASO medical retina module held at Rome, Italy in February 2018. I was excited about the program from the minute I received the final program schedule from my sponsors. The co-ordinators Ms. Simona and Ms. Fabiana were always available to answer all our queries. When I looked at the program, I realized we would have the rare opportunity to hear from some world famous researchers in the field of vitreoretina. I was thrilled to know that there would be interactive classes with the likes of Dr Francesco Bandello, Dr Giuseppe Querques,

Dr Sandrine Zweifel and Dr Stela Vujosevic. I’ve followed the work of these great researchers from a couple of years ever since I joined vitreoretinal fellowship. It was indeed a great honour to hear them speak and they were open to any number of questions both during and after classes. One more striking thing was that all the lectures were made available to us, for our perusal at our leisure, on a platform in a downloadable format. That is a very rare thing because in most meetings, speakers are unwilling to share their presentations. There were excellent lectures by Dr Pavesio on uveitis on the last day as well. We managed to squeeze in some time for local sight-seeing in Rome in the evenings. It was nice to explore Rome and its ancient history.

It was a great learning experience, a great opportunity to network and collaborate with researchers across Europe and an excellently designed program, which is very high yield for every young and enthusiastic retina specialist. I will be more than willing to attend again!

Karolina BONINSKA, Lodz, Poland


My name is Karolina Boninska, I am an ophthalmologist, FEBO, working in private ophthalmic clinics in Lodz, in Poland. The first time I heard about ESASO was during the last SOE Congress in Barcelona.
I attended in the Orbital, Lacrimal and Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery module in Malta 2018. I appreciate high quality and up-to- date lectures, as well as the cadaver dissection. I cannot fail to mention friendly atmosphere assured by our teachers and other participants from all over the world.
Acquired skills have become a great base for my work. I would definitely recommend this course.  Shortly, I would like to participate, among others, in Cataract & Refractive Surgery in Lugano.

Kulagina Anastasia VIKTOROVNA, Russia


Kulagina Anastasia Viktorovna, I’m 34 years old. I work in the Russian Federation. My specialty is cataract surgery and vitreoretinal surgery. I first heard about ESASO from my colleagues! In February 2018 I visited the module “Intermediate and Advanced Surgical Retina”. The course was very well organized. ESASO gave me the opportunity to listen to very interesting lectures conducted by well-known and experienced teachers from all over the world. Perfectly organized WetLab and DryLab helped me improve my skills in vitreoretinal surgery and try some new tricks! The most pleasant aspect of ESASO is the opportunity to meet surgeons from around the world to exchange information and experience! I will be glad to visit the module Anterior Segment Surgery!

Vitaly POTEMKIN, Russia


My name is Vitaly Potemkin. I’m 36. I work in Public Hospital and in the department of ophthalmology of First Pavlov Medical University in St. Petersburg, Russia. Mostly doing anterior segment surgery, oculoplastics and ocular oncology. First, I heard about ESASO from my colleagues. I visited only intermediate and advanced vitreoretinal course and I am looking forward to visit other, especially oculoplastics. I found the program very knowledgeable with very well balanced theoretical and practical parts. All the professors were very open going into details of surgical techniques. Dry lab experience with the vitreoretinal simulator was unforgettable.

Aron SZABO, Szeged, Hungary


I’m a 33 year old ophthalmologist from the University of Szeged, Hungary, training to be a glacuoma specialist. I’ve completed two ESASO modules cataract and glacuoma. I was fortunate to apply for an ESASO observership based on the test results of the latter, I was given the possibility of a one month visit to Prof. Carlo Traverso in Genova, Italy. The clinical attachment was composed of outpatient
visits and considerable time spent in the operating room. We had thourough glaucoma case discussions which were perfect for receiving feedback from a professional. I learned many surgical tips and tricks that I will definitely implement in my everyday practice. Professor Traverso is a truly inspiring teacher, seeing him work and literally guiding the hands of residents while performing interventions was an experience I will surely not forget for a long time.

Zuzana PÁVKOVÁ, Prague, Czech Republic


My name is Zuzana Pávková, I´ve been working at a private clinic in Prague, practicing anterior segment and refractive surgery. The first time I have heard about ESASO it was from our manager and from EUROTIMES. I attended Cataract and intraocular refractive surgery course in Lugano 2017 and it was my first module.

The organization was great with the wet and dry lab, and the teachers were helpful doing their best for us. The module contents were very interesting too. For me the most enjoyable aspect of all week was the Wet-lab because I could use new skills immediately in my practice and it was really visible. I highly recommend ESASO Module and I would like to attend the Oculoplastic Surgery Module next time.

Aida MUSIČ, Bosnia and Herzegovina


My name is dr. Aida Musić. I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I work at County Hospital Zenica Ophthalmology Department.
I am 38-year-old. I first heard about ESASO through its webpage and my colleagues that had already attended some modules. This is the first ESASO module that I have attended and it was very useful for me.

The professors were so opened to discuss about any clinical case and they shared with us their techniques and steps on how to deal with unexpected complications. The course was so well organized. I highly recommend ESASO modules for my colleagues and I hope I will have opportunity to attend other courses in the coming future.

Barbara GRUBER, Aarau, Switzerland

My name is Barbara Gruber. I am ophthalmology specialist working in a private Clinic in Switzerland. I have first heard about ESASO from some of my colleagues and read about it in one ESCRS Newsletter, which I am a member. So, I decided to give it a try. I have participated in Cataract and Intraocular Refractive Surgery Module which was held in Lugano. The course overcame all my expectations!
It provided me a high quality education from world-known ophthalmology experts. I had also a pleasure to meet first- class lectors and many colleagues from all over the world and exchange different experiences and ideas.

Esaso Training Center in Lugano was for me a wonderful combination of the good organised, high quality lessons, hands-on surgical trainings and a beautiful city. It was very useful and enriched professional experience that I could highly recommend it to the others!

Willem-Martin GERBER, Cape Town, South Africa

My name is Willem-Martin Gerber and I am a South African working in private practice in the beautiful northern suburbs of Cape Town. My consultant informed me of the ESASO courses.

I applied for my first course which was the Corneal & refractive course as this is where my passion lies. The course surpassed all my expectations. I had the opportunity to discuss difficult cases with world-class leaders in their field. The course presented a good overview of fundamental principles of diagnosis and management of corneal diseases.

I am definitely planning to attend more courses to keep abreast on the latest developments in ophthalmology.

The ESASO course was one of the best experiences I have had. Not only did I meet world-renowned experts, I also made wonderful friends!!

Spoil yourself and attend these courses!!

Vanik KOSTANYAN, Vinnytsia, Ukraine


I am working in an Independent Public Clinical Hospital of the prof W. Orlowski CMKP as an older assistant in ophthalmology and in a private clinic in Warsaw. I am Polish. I found out about the ESASO from my colleagues who participated in past ESASO modules.

I have already attended two modules, the Cornea and Corneal Refractive Surgery in September 2017 and the Cataract and Intraocular Refractive Surgery in October 2016. Certainly, ESASO modules in Lugano campus, located in the heart of Lugano, offer high quality of education. All the courses were very interesting as they provide me with some important educational experience. Sharing ideas and experiences, getting to know colleagues and being taught by experienced Professors ophthalmologists is, in my opinion, the best way to improve our skills. I really hope to attend another one!

Willem-Martin GERBER, Cape Town, South Africa


My name is Vanik Kostanyan and I am Armenian doctor from Ukraine. I work in Podillya Vision Center, Vinnytsia city. I heard about ESASO from my colleagues and decided to visit Intermediate and Advanced Surgical Retina Module. The module was well organized and lectures given by well-known doctors improved my understanding of retinal surgical pathology.

Another advantage of ESASO surgical module was the opportunity given to young surgeon to perform some difficult surgical steps on pig eyes under the supervision of experienced surgeons. Next year I am going to visit Medical Retina module. I strongly advise all young doctors to visit ESASO modules which will allow you to improve your knowledge and spend very pleasant time with colleagues from different parts of the world.

Katarzyna Maria MICHALSKA-MAŁECKA, Rybnik, Poland


I am working in Professor K. Gibinski University Clinical Center (Medical University of Silesia) in Katowice. I am 47 years old and I am Polish. I found out about the ESASO from my colleagues who attended previous ESASO modules. I have participated in Surgical Retina module in Lugano last year.

The lectures were conducted by highly experienced professors from all the world, which was the biggest advantage. It increased my knowledge as well as become useful in practice. Campus is located in beautiful scenery and the building is well-equipped and have comfortable classrooms. I would like to attend another ESASO module in the future.

Juan Carlos SÁNCHEZ, Barcelona, Spain


I am a 30 years old Colombian Ophthalmologist. I am currently doing my Oculoplastic fellowship at the IMO (Institute of Ocular Microsurgery) in Barcelona. I have the fortune that my teachers are part of the faculty of the Oculoplastic ESASO module in Malta, 2017.

I found it a very complete course since all the important concepts are reviewed, associated with a tutorized cadaver practice. Besides having an impeccable organization, it is a recommended course for all who are interested in doing a review or in to depth about Oculoplastic surgery.

Nuria OLIVIER PASCUAL, A Coruña, Spain

I’m working in Ferrol, a small town in northwest Spain. I am 41 years old and I am Spanish. I met ESASO through colleagues who attended other ESASO courses. I did the Medical Retina course in Rome and it exceeded my expectations.

The presentations and the teachers were fantastic and the topics covered will help me in my daily practice. On the other hand, Rome is a wonderful city.
I’d like to take a surgical retina course in the future, I am especially attracted to the idea of ​​the wet lab. I hope I can do it!

Nina JOVANOVIC, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


I work at the Canton Hospital Zenica, Ophthalmology Department in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am 35 years old. I’ve read about ESASO via SOE link four years ago. After attending Oculoplastic Surgery Module in Malta, I feel that I could not have chosen better education and hands-on training in oculoplastic surgery than ESASO. The module provides all: comprehensive, yet concise, based on experts experiences theoretical lectures, followed by live surgical demonstrations, ending with personal surgical experience (hands-on training on cadavers).

There was enough time to study theory during mornings, time to learn how to properly perform a surgery in early afternoons, and more than enough time for practical cadaver dissection afterwards. Each participant has a cadaver and a partner/assistant to practice on/with, accompanied with eager to show and teach mentor.

One of the most enjoyable aspect of the module were pleasant, helpful and skilled staff and faculty of the ESASO that were available 24/7. Thank you.

Pablo INFIESTA MADURGA, Barcelona, Spain


My name is Pablo Infiesta and I’m a Spanish young ophthalmologist from Barcelona. I work in a public hospital and in a private clinic. I have assisted to the Cataract and Intraocular Refractive Surgery and to the Basic Surgical Retina modules.

The teaching sessions given by experts have expanded my knowledge in these areas and I have acquired some key concepts very useful for the routine practice. I could test some new surgical steps or tricks in the pig’s eyes that I have later applied as a surgeon in the real life. The dynamics of the modules consist of working and make the most of the time. It’s a very profitable and enriching professional experience.

Mohd Najmussadiq KHAN, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

I am an ophthalmologist from India and I work at King Abdullah Medical City, Makkah, KSA. Previously I have participated in three ESASO modules in Cataract, Medical and Advance Surgical retina.

This was my fourth ESASO module of medical and surgical retina at the Kuwait Specialized Eye Center, in Kuwait, Dec 2016. The module was well structured with well-known international speakers. Also, visiting the Kuwait Tower during the social event was a great experience for me. I hope to attend again an ESASO module in the coming years. I highly recommend ESASO modules for all ophthalmologists.

Faruk NIŠIĆ, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Erzegovina


Ophthalmology in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina at the position head of the department of eye injuries. I learned about ESASO at the Congress of the ESCRS. I passed the module for cataract and intraocular refractive surgery. I intend to pass the module for advanced surgery of the retina.
The module in Lugano organized by ESASO was excellent in my opinion. At the very well organized educational center I could learn and discuss the latest topics in this field .

The lecturers are leading experts in this field and very motivated to convey their knowledge to participants.
Organizers and technical assistance at the highest level. Complete stay accommodation and travel have gone well.

Dobrin BOYADZHIEV, Varna, Bulgaria

My name is Dobrin Boyadzhiev. I am from Bulgaria and I am 32 years old. I work in Specialised Eye Hospital – Varna and I am an assistant professor in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Medical University- Varna, Bulgaria. In the period 24 – 28 October 2016 I held the course “Cataract and intraocular refractive surgery” in Lugano.

It was very beneficial to participate and I believe that such a practical course will improve greatly my knowledge about surgical treatment of cataract and will allow me to apply what I have learned in Bulgaria. This is my first time to follow the ESASO training modules and I hope not the last.

Yonca ATALAY, Corum, Turkey

I work in Osmancık State Hospital in Turkey. It is a small district where I am currently doing my post residency compulsory service. I am Turkish and I am 29 years old. I first heard about ESASO in my residency and I’ve been to another programme about glaucoma in Geneva about 3 years ago. ESASO Organisations have always arranged the most efficient and beneficial courses for ophthalmologists.

I think they know the residency process and its team successfully analyse the hardest parts of our training. I appreciate participating in the courses both in Lugano and Geneva. I am looking forward to the other courses especially if it is about medical and surgical vitrectomy this time. In this last course I’ve attended in Lugano, especially phakic lens implantation wet lab was very successful.

Tatiana RUCHKO, Stockholm, Sweden

My name is Tatiana Ruchko. I’m Russian and I work in a private clinic in Stockholm, Sweden. I found information about ESASO courses in Euretina in Nice 2015. I participated in Medical retina course in Rome and Glaucoma course in Lugano 2016.

I think it is very good idea to organise this education. Courses usually take place in nice locations, organised with good teaching. On the other hand, I wish to see more practical advice that can be used in everyday situations, more presentations regarding clinical cases, some discussions about difficult patients, inclusion of neuroophthalmology and more presentations regarding uveitis. I’m happily planning to continue education.

Maria DE BONO AGIUS, Mosta, Malta

I’m 33 years old and I work at Mater Dei Hospital, Malta. I first heard about ESASO courses from colleagues and also through their website. I have attended the Cornea and Refractive surgery module in August 2016 and I can say that we had very renowned speakers giving us lectures who took us through the most recent research in the field.

Also the course participants were from all parts of the world and thus we had the privilege of sharing experiences and ideas. We had the opportunity for some hands on training in the well-equipped wet labs. The course was very well organized by Monica, who took care of everything. The overall experience was a brilliant one and I look forward to my next module.

Mimoza MEÇO, Tirana, Albania


I work at the American Hospital in Tirana.
I did an internet search about ESASO courses, mostly interested in Corneal Refractive Surgery.
Even if the course focus was wider than Corneal Refractive Surgery, I’m very happy to have attended it, because I had the opportunity to listen to great lectures from professors who lead the science of ophthalmology.
The organisation was very good and very helpful, which makes things easier and enjoyable to take part in.
I would recommend, especially to young ophthalmologist, to join ESASO courses, as it is a great experience for their professional education.
Thank you

Teuta HAVERI, Tirana, Albania

I am working at EYE Clinic of American Hospital, Tirana, Albania. I was informed about ESASO courses through its webpage, searching for a refractive surgery didactic education. I immediately liked the course content as describing most of corneal disease and specific treatment from infection and chronic inflammation and different techniques of corneal transplant. The course was well organized, from the hotel accommodation, which was within walking distance from USI, to auditorium and wet labs, with all the necessary facilities, enabling to actively participate in lecture discussions and practicing new surgical techniques in wet labs. I would probably apply for “Orbital, Lacrimal and oculoplastic surgery module” and I would also like to have the possibility of a full year experience through fellowship program in anterior segment surgery.

The most enjoyable aspect of ESASO course was the possibility to have such a wide information about corneal disease including news in diagnosing and treatment and also having the possibility to try new techniques in wet lab, in a very short time of 5 days. Also this course gives the opportunity to hear and meet important professors as José Guell, Rudy Nuijts, Harminder Dua, etc, having the possibility to ask them question and discuss with them. We also had the possibility to meet with ophthalmologists from others countries and discuss with them about different ophthalmology and medical issues.

Hans Peter ISELI, Zurich, Switzerland

I work at the Limmat Eye Center in Zurich, Switzerland. This was my first ESASO Surgical retina module. The course was very helpful in understanding the principles of retinal surgery. The wetlab encouraged me to make further steps in vitreoretinal surgery. Thank you very much.

Roberto GALLEGO-PINAZO, Valencia, Spain

I am a retina specialist from Valencia, Spain, based at the Unit of Macula of the University and Politechnic Hospital La Fe. I am one of the first ESASO graduates in November 2010 and this event changed my professional live thanks to all what I have learned in Lugano. Thereafter I completed a Retina fellowship in New York with Dr Yannuzzi and Freund. In 2016 I have been invited as speaker of ESASO Retina Academy in Estoril, which was a huge privilege for me. I will be thankful forever to ESASO and I strongly recommend everybody to attend the modules and activities. It could be the best training experience of your lives.

Gounon SAYE, Bamako, Mali

I am Dr. Gounon SAYE, 39 years old and I work at the University Hospital-Institute of Ophthalmology, Tropical Africa, Mali, Bamako.This is my first time to follow the ESASO training modules. In my opinion it is the quality of the courses taught and the advanced technology used in practical work (Dry & Wet Lab). I have personally gained experience in the practice of vitrectomy, but also the management protocol of diseases of the posterior segment. The posterior staphyloma of the indentation in the high myopic impressed me. I think if we could increase the Dry-Wet Lab time it would bring more experience among participants. I thank all participants of the June’s surgical retina module, especially the organizers: Monica and Alessia for your attention to me. The ovation I received upon delivery of the certificate reflects the consideration and respect from all participants. Words lack me as the sole African representative to express my satisfaction that God Almighty help you and protect you. Thank you all, thank you to the entire city of Lugano.

Ioana Ruxandra RUSU, Cluj Napoca, Romania

My name is Ioana Ruxandra Rusu, I am 37 years old. I am working in a private Eye Clinic “Ophtalens T” in the beautiful city Cluj Napoca, Romania. I heard about the ESASO courses in the International Meetings and this year I have attended the Medical Retina Module. In the future I am planning to attend the Surgical Retina and the Cornea and Corneal Refractive Surgery courses.
The course was perfectly organized with very useful and up to date information together with some tips for our clinical practice.
Monica did her best with the schedule of the didactic activities but of course do not forget the social aspect of it. Thank you very much everything and see in the future.

Arturo CARTA, Parma, Italy

I’m working at the Universitary Hospital of Parma, Italy, as an Associate Professor in Ophthalmology. I’m 47 years old and I first heard of ESASO during the annual meeting organized by the Italian Universitary Society of Ophthalmology which was held in Lugano in 2015.
I’ve just attended the ESASO “Surgical Retina 2016” module (intermediate-advanced level). I strongly encourage the ocular surgeon which is approaching the surgery of the posterior pole to attend this course; it is perfectly organized (in the wonderful USI campus) both from a theoretical and from a practical point of view. This module is a one-week of full immersion with some of the best experts on this topic completely at your disposal. So, what can you ask for more?
Now, I have to start putting into practice the advice and teachings received step-by-step, with the usual respect that each of us must have for every single patient, working to improve their vision and to prevent blindness.

Marzena SAJKOWSKA, Lomza, Poland

I’m working at District Hospital in Lomza. I’m 53 years old, I’m Polish. I first heard about ESASO 4 years ago from my colleagues from Poland.
The campus at Lugano is very comfortable for study, everything is concentrated in beautiful and very functional space. Each building is very friendly for students.
The staff of the campus is very friendly and helpful.
It was my first time at ESASO modules . It was a great experience to listen to lectures by famous professors like Stanislao Rizzo, my favourite.
I could observe my colleagues, know how they think, how they make decisions on treatment, resolve surgical problem of retina. I met many colleagues from other countries. We devoloped new relationships.

Mohd Najmussadiq KHAN, Saudi Arabia – India

I work at the department of ophthalmology, KAMC, Makkah, Saudi Arabia. I belong to India. First time I attended ESASO module of Cataract and Intraocular Refractive Surgery in Sharjah, 2015. My second ESASO module of Surgical Retina was in the lake city Lugano, June 2016. I want to drop a quick line to say that the module was outstanding including all the lectures, wet labs and dry labs. My third module was Medical Retina in Lugano, 2016. This module forced me to think about the way I have been practicing and helped me to drop bad habits and start to cultivate good ones. I gained much more from the module than I anticipated. I am grateful that the module materials remain available online after the module ends. It was great opportunity to meet all the top-notch stakeholders in the field of ophthalmology and making new friends from all over the world. Their ideas and suggestions are invaluable. Thanks to all the office bearers of ESASO for making the modules successful. I enjoyed all places I visited in Switzerland and Italy and look forward to attend future ESASO modules. I highly recommend it.

Ali CANKAYA, Ankara, Turkey

I work at the Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine in Ankara.
I am 46 years old and I am Turkish. I first heard about ESASO from my friends. I attended the Surgical retina module of June 2016.
Campus in Lugano is very easy to access for the students attending to courses. The module was useful for me and I would like to attend medical retina module. Most enjoyable aspect of course was wet labs and dry labs.

Laura GUTIERREZ BENITEZ, Barcelona, Spain

My name is Laura Gutiérrez, I am 30 years old and I work in Barcelona (Spain). I heard about ESASO Medical retina module thanks to a colleague that had already attended. The course not only offered me the possibility of learning about new technologies, such as angioOCT and subthreshold laser, but also the opportunity to meet the teachers who shared their knowledge as well as colleagues from other countries. From my point of view this course is highly recommendable to be up to date in this field.

Tomasz WILCZYNSKI, Katowice, Poland

I am Polish and I am 33 years old. I am currently working at Uniwersyteckie Centrum Onkologii i Okulistyki in Katowice. I first heard about ESASO from my colleagues who had already participated in ESASO modules.
I attended an ESASO Observership in Rostock, with Prof Jünemann. It was my first experience of this kind. I joined Prof Jünemann’s team in Rostock in Germany, to train myself mostly in pars plana vitrectomy. Rostock is a very nice place to work and also to spend free time – situated by the sea and provides nice sightseeing opportunities. Hospital is conveniently situated near the very centre of the city and is well equipped. Prof Jünemann and his team (in the field of PPV especially Dr Berger and Dr Stoll) are experienced surgeons and willing to share their experience with others. I was able to spend most of the time at the OR, observing all the PPV procedures conducted in that period (approx. 10-15 a week) as well as others in the remaining time. The proposed period was fine.
The most enjoyable aspect of the ESASO Observership was having the opportunity to observe very experienced surgeons in their daily routine, to watch their technique steps and how they deal with unexpected complications.

Michael R. MARTINEZ, Mexico

I would like to introduce myself and give a summary of my medical experience. I am a 35 year-old ophthalmologist from Mexico currently participating in an ESASO sponsored Fellowship. Specifically, I am in an intensive training program in vitreo-retinal surgical Fellowship, in the Tel Aviv Medical Center in Israel.
I heard about ESASO from various colleagues and I researched the details of the program online. I read all the amazing testimonials and how people were very happy with the courses.
Based on the positive references that I read about, I decided to attend the Medical and Surgical Module in Tel Aviv. Following that, I attended the Medical Retina Module in Lugano. To my upmost satisfaction, from every description that I read about, I found the details of the courses were accurate. I benefited from a very high level teaching platform and I learned many skill sets because the groups are small. This was a really good opportunity to interact with leading expert ophthalmologists.
After attending the ESASO courses, I decided to apply for a Fellowship position to further enrich my education, knowing it is a great opportunity being part of ESASO. To my great fortune, I received the ESASO Fellowship.
Each day, my skills improve and my experience as a surgical retina fellow, enhances my knowledge as a specialist. By having the opportunity to operate several times a week, to triage and treat emergencies, and see interesting cases in the clinic is contributing to my confidence to make treatment decisions and to approach different pathologies and cases with more discrimination and expertise.
In addition, my tutors and the entire hospital staff, are very friendly and willing to offer their guidance, advice and help in every way they can. I already feel part of the department, attending to each one of the sessions, and taking part in every procedure that I can.
My recommendation to anyone considering participating with ESASO is not to hesitate to be part of the courses, or to apply for a Fellowship. ESASO provides the greatest opportunity to learn with the best educators in the field.

Saida TALIBOVA, Baku, Azerbaijan

I am from Azerbajan and I am 40 years old.I work at a private hospital in Baku in Azerbaijan. I heard about the Modules through emails from ESASO. I participated in February 2016 the Medical Retina Module in Rome. It was my first ESASO experience. I got so much knowledge about updates in Medical Retina, especially in new opporunities of OCT. So highly qualified lecturers from all around the world tried to give us the best. Lectures covered most aspects that we meet in our daily practice. Academical discussions were very useful. I met with colleagues from all over the world with whom we shared our own experiences. The course was well organized. and a particular thank you to Ms. Monica.
I am looking forward to attending the ESASO Medical/Surgical Retina Module in Ankara.

Lucia Lee FERRARO, Palermo, Italy

I am Italian and I’m from Palermo. I work in a private practice in Palermo. I heard about ESASO from previous participants. This is my first ESASO course. I attended the Medical Retina Module in February 2016 in Rome. I was impressed with the content (updated with the latest and most recent advances) and with the great international experts in Medical Retina. I would strongly recommend ESASO Modules. I would like to attend the Surgical Retina Module in the future.

Donatella MUSETTI, Genova, Italy

My name is Donatella Musetti and I am Italian. I am 34 years old and I work as an ophthalmologist at the Department of Neurosciences, Rehabilitation, Ophthalmology, Genetic, Maternal and Child Health – DiNOGMI, University of Genova.
I attended the “Medical Retina” ESASO Module last February in Rome. It was my first experience and I really enjoyed it. Particularly, it was nice sharing my knowledge with other ophthalmologists from different countries.
The course was well structured and interactive and professors were very open to discussion.
I highly recommend the ESASO modules! I really hope to attend another one!

Paola CASSINARI, Piacenza, Italy

I work at Guglielmo da Saliceto’s Hospital in Piacenza. I was invited by a pharmaceutical company to attend the Medical Retina Module held in Roma, in February 2016. I am planning to attend an ESASO Surgical Retina Module too. The most enjoyable aspect of the course was the interaction with colleagues and the reports on cases.

Anita SYLA, Kosova


My name is Anita Syla. I am a young ophthalmologist from Kosovo. I work at Eye Clinic at University Clinic Center of Kosovo. I attended the Cataract and Intraocular Refractive Surgery Module, which was held in Lugano. The lecturers and trainers were a team of highly educated and experienced European ophthalmologists, it was a wonderful combination of hands on surgical trainings, high quality lessons, perfectly organized to every detail, overcame my expectations. It was a very useful and enriching professional experience that I could highly recommend to others! All the courses were very interesting as they provided me with some important educational experience. Sharing ideas and experiences, getting to know colleagues and being taught by experienced ophthalmologists.

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