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Regulation Guidelines

Regulation Guidelines

Soon to be published

Section I: Generalities

Art. 1
Field of application

This document regulates the admission procedures to the European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology (ESASO), as well as the procedures for the recognition of study credits and for tuition fees

Art. 2
Study plan

1 The Diploma of Specialist Superior in Ophthalmology (DiSSO) is a postgraduate diploma offered by ESASO
2 The study plan is modular and is drawn up annually. Each module normally consists of 40 course-hours and includes individual or group assignments.

Art. 3

The DiSSO is aimed mainly at practitioners and is thus organised so as not to interfere with their professional activities.

Art. 4

1 The Diploma of Specialist Superior in Ophthalmology (DiSSO) is awarded to candidates who have certified attendance at 5 modules (5 weeks in total).
2 An attendance certificate is issued for each module.

Section II: Admission

Art. 5

The Admissions Board (AB) is responsible for the admission procedure.
The AB consists of the Executive Director and two members appointed by the Scientific Council.
The AB evaluates the applications and decides upon admissions.
The decisions of the AB are final.

Art. 6
Admission requirements

The admission requirements are as follows:

• Master of Medicine obtained at a university recognised under the regulations of the country concerned.
• Specialisation degree in ophthalmology obtained in accordance with the current regulations.For degrees that do not satisfy these requirements, the decision as to acceptability lies with the AB.

Art. 7

Applications must be submitted using the official form and must be accompanied by a letter explaining the applicant’s reasons for wishing to attend.
Applicants are admitted to the School on the basis of availability of places and their positioning within the ranking calculated from the reported total score. In the event of an application being withdrawn, the next candidate in the list will be admitted.

Art. 8

The AB evaluates the applications that comply with the requirements and draws up a list based on the following criteria and weightings:
• Graduate degree and thesis 25/100
• Reported exam grade of the specialisation course 25/100
• CV 20/100
• Personal interview, if necessary 20/100
• English language 10/100

Section III: Tuition fees

Art. 9

The fees cover tuition, course material, lunches (at the hospital canteen) and lodging at partner hotels (single room, Bed & Breakfast basis).

Art. 10

The fee is to be paid in a single instalment usually 60-90 days prior to the beginning of the module. There is no provision for deferred payments for individual modules.

Art. 11
Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made up to 40 days prior to the beginning of the module will qualify for a refund of the payment amount received less a EUR 500 administration fee.

Section IV: Miscellaneous

Art. 12

In exceptional circumstances the ESASO Board may derogate in part from these Regulations, but only in favour of the student.

Art. 13

These Regulations come into effect on 10 February 2010.
Last updated on September 1, 2014.

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