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Faculty and Lecturers

We know that a globally diverse student body deserves an equally diverse faculty of experts to support it. It is their diversity of background, collective skills and experience that makes learning with ESASO a truly outstanding and special experience. Participants at ESASO can benefit in many ways from the expertise of our faculty, from group seminars and practical training, to one-to-one tutoring and guidance. This combination of broad and personal support ensures the best possible educational experience for the experts of tomorrow.

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Besides the ophthalmology experts who are part of our faculty, ESASO is honoured to collaborate with renown professionals who teach at our courses or take part in our congresses and events, contributing to the high-level educational offer provided by ESASO.

ABRI Ali, Austria LATTANZIO Rosangela, Italy
ARAGONA Pasquale, Italy LO GIUDICE Giuseppe, Italy
AVERBUKH Edward, Israel LOGRANO Marcello Diego, Italy
AVITABILE Teresio, Italy LUPIDI Marco, Italy
BALI Ernesto, Belgium MACHALIŃSKA Anna, Poland
BARABINO Stefano, Italy MACIEJEWSKI Ryszard, Poland
BARAK Adiel, Israel MACKIEWICZ Jerzy, Poland
BERCHICCI Luigi, Italy MARIOTTI Cesare, Italy
BODAGHI Baharam, France MASTROPASQUA Rodolfo, Italy
CARDILLO PICCOLINO Felice, Italy MESSMER Elisabeth, Germany
CODENOTTI Marco, Italy MICHALEWSKA Zofia, Poland
COPPOLA Michele, Italy MOJON Daniel, Switzerland
DEKARIS Iva, Croatia NOWOMIEJSKA Katarzyna, Poland
DOBROWOLSKI Dariusz, Poland NUBILE Mario, Italy
DOLLFUS Helene, France PANOZZO Giacomo, Italy
DREXLER Wolfgang, Germany PIERRO Luisa, Italy
EANDI Chiara Maria, Italy REIBALDI Michele, Italy
ERB Carl, Germany SCHARIOTH Gabor, Hungary
FASCE Francesco, Italy SHETA Sherif, Egypt
FISCHER Horst, Austria TECILAZICH Francesco, Italy
GANDOLFI Stefano, Italy TOTO Lisa, Italy
GIOVANNINI Alfonso, Italy TOUBOUL David, France
GNAMA Omer, Italy VADALÀ Maria, Italy
INTROINI Ugo, Italy VIOLA Francesco, Italy
KISS Christopher, Austria ZAGÓRSKI Zbigniew, Poland
KOROBELNIK Jean-François, France ZARNOWSKI Tomasz, Poland


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